Peace and Plenty

By Alison January 2, 2011 2 Comments 2 Min Read

It is one of those empty Sundays. When Finley is far away and the only noise bouncing off the walls is my own voice, occasionally twittering a little something out loud. This way madness lies my Darling…
But there is hope. The gift of a book from it’s author. Peace and Plenty: A book I have carried around with me for a week, ever hopeful of an hour or two alone in which to give it my full attention. Coveting the luxury of an intimate journey through yet more of Sarah Ban Breathnach’s wisdom. Somehow it could not be read in company.
It is going to be a good year. I know it already. All the best years of my life started with a Sarah Ban Breathnach book and I consider it to be the most scrumptious of good omen’s. And so there is the book. And a cup of tea with shortbread still warm from the oven. There is the intention to be better. To build on foundations laid a million moon’s ago. To commit to what is, instead of searching, relentlessly, not I now know for something more, but always, for something else.
There is a book, and tea, and shortbread and there is gratitude. To all of you who took part in the most recent book giveaway, I thank-you. You have given me much needed inspiration and already there is a map forming in my head as a result of your thoughtful, always kind comments.
This morning I popped all your names into a pale pink colander and the name I pulled was Chrissie. So, dear winner, do send me your address and I will get Mary Randolph Carter’s gorgeous book over to you as soon as I can.
And now it is back to Peace and Plenty. A pencil clutched tightly in my hand to mark the passages that speak to my heart. When I re-surface I will share my thoughts on it, so  please look out for a Peace and Plenty giveaway coming here very, very soon.
And in the meantime have a lovely, calm Sunday won’t you?


  1. And to you…enjoy your peaceful day

  2. Sheri says:

    I , too, love SBB…I CANNOT wait to get this book!!! I have all the others and I am so looking forward to reading this one!! Enjoy!!

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