Pink Lemonade

By Alison September 9, 2009 No Comments 1 Min Read

I think you will agree that any man who lands on your doorstep clutching a bottle of pink lemonade is a keeper. Last night my six foot four man sealed an already promising deal with a bunch of flowers, a packet of gluten free jellybeans for Finn (who he has met only fleetingly being the single parents conundrum that it is), a loaf of tomato ciabatta and (oh joy!) a bottle of sour cherry lemonade for me…
And this my darlings is good fizzy happy stuff. Until now the only ready made pink lemonade option widely available was the Lorina version found in Tesco’s and Waitrose and selling at the really rather hefty price of £2.39, but in steps Aldi, in it’s mildly bonkers in with the zeitgiest for buttons manner and lo and behold, we can now drink pink lemonade, in a pretty curvy glass bottle (and a variety of flavours!) for 69p a throw (available in America at Trader Joes for $2.25) which methinks means we could be serving a little bit of decadence for elevenses on a daily basis.
Life is good Ladies. Now get thee to an Aldi and make it pink.

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