Portrait of A Market.

By Alison April 1, 2006 3 Comments 1 Min Read






Yes, another lovely continental market on a day that looked a whole lot like Spring…

Now it is dusky dark. Finley is in bed and Mark and I are about to snuggle up and watch "Me, You and Everyone We Know" (I can’t wait!) with a really rather scrumptious platter of goats cheese, red wine and a perfectly beautiful almond tart.

Have a lovely Saturday night Housekeepers…


**Sheesh. God forbid life be too scrumptious. Finley is vomiting, sheets need awashing and the goats  cheese  is congealing. Please tell me there is always tomorrow…**


  1. julie says:

    oh, alison…i'm so sorry. things were going so well…but, yeah, don't worry there *is* always tomorrow…

  2. Savannah says:

    What a shame, honey. I'm so sorry to hear about Finley… Hope he's better by now.

  3. Kristy says:

    Oh no!Poor love(s).Hope today will be better 🙂

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