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By Alison August 2, 2019 4 Comments 3 Min Read

I do believe that it might be well documented that I love September. I love it with a passion I usually reserve for violet cremes. It is after all the loveliest of opportunities to shift gear, fall into a frenzy of blissful and oh so very rewarding homemaking escapades and if we are feeling that way inclined, quite the perfect time to rub away the sand between our toes, make a rather fabulous mission out of finding the perfect pair of Autumn leaf-kicking boots, and take up walking without feeling half-dead under the burning glare of a climate-changing sun.

All that and the kids go back to school, order is restored and routine and ritual welcomed back with delight bordering on hysteria. What’s not to love??

And so today I want to encourage you to make a project out of September and to truly throw yourself into planning this most delicious of months during the meandering days of August. To focus on what could be, what you could fashion from all that you already are and how you want life to be once the unpredictable days of Summer have left us for another year,

Think then of what is making you feel a little discombobulated right now. Of the dustiness of the house and the fuzzy fog in your mind. Choose a single decorating project to really throw yourself into once term-time is in full flow again, or start to really detail the new well-being rituals you want to embrace once you don’t have to feed overgrown teenagers thirty-three times a day.

Has the sight of you sporting a bikini on the beach given you a fright? Has being forced to spend more time with your partner while on holiday made you realise just how far the relationship has sunk and inspired you to really make an effort? Or has all hell broke loose in your pantry?

Choosing Your September Project

Only YOU know what you need to focus on, but I am encouraging you to use the last days of Summer to make plans for real change just in time for the new pencil case feeling we all adore the minute we turn the calendar over on the 1st of September.

So today, find ten minutes to yourself and brainstorm a list of all that needs addressing:- the yearning your heart won’t shut up about, the muddles in your mind, or the endless frustrations of living life the way Summer insists we have to in order to feel ready to take control of all our tomorrows again come the new season. Ask yourself what you need to buy over the next month to make the routines and rituals you are planning possible, which books it might be helpful to read, and what appointments you will need to make. Decide how the days of Autumn will look and make a promise to yourself to turn the determination September blesses us all with into real, meaningful change, while looking forward to all the blessings of the new season. Apple pies, hot custard and all!

You see I want us all to live with passion and purpose: to CHOOSE how we want life to look instead of leaving it all to chance and finding ourselves facing Christmas before we have had a chance to breathe. I want us all to believe that change is possible and this September to throw ourselves heart and soul into creating it!

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  1. Amy says:

    I shall make it an October project as all three of my children are in college this year, 2 for the first time. So September is dedicated to helping my little-and 6’2”-birdies out of the nest.

  2. Alison says:

    I can relate to the comment about sinking relationships! People tend to think of Spring as the time for new things, but why wait. I think I’m off to buy that project planner and see if I can get myself out of the fog I find myself in all too often these days.

  3. Meesha says:

    Oh, this sounds like bliss…between the birthdays and anniversaries of August to the full throttle of fall in October, September seems to be a place of rest on the calendar to do what I love most…putter around the house working on those projects that got left behind somewhere in spring.

  4. Laura says:

    You really did read my mind, Alison dearest…
    After 9 long long months, the various worries, stresses, deadlines and so on are all resolved now – thankfully all for the better too. Now I can find out what my life can be, how I can live, what our little flat can be like…
    And this Project September is perfectly timed – and it is my very favourite season…. well, maybe winter… well, yes, but the anticipation and harvest and nest-building of autumn is somehow…
    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

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