Provincial Daughter

By Alison April 18, 2007 5 Comments 1 Min Read


"Am disconcerted, at breakfast, to recieve letter from old school friend saying What am I  doing with My Brain these days, and isn’t it a Pity to Let It All Go? Know what she means but am very angry nevertheless, and lose myself thinking out some really telling replies."

So begins  "Provincial Daughter"  by  R. M. Dashwood, who is  indeed  E. M Delafields daughter and brings  to her rather wonderful follow up to her Mothers laugh out loud funny diary, the same humour, wit and mild paranoia (and to all us Vintage Housewives, the same mildly uncomfortable moments of empathy) that made the first such a huge success …

Go slather soda bread in salty butter,  make a cafetiere of something strong, wrap yourself in a blanket and find somewhere to sit in the garden where you won’t be heard laughing in a nutty fashion.

It truly is that daft.


  1. June says:

    Thank you for talking about this book as I just finished reading the other one last night. Quite delightful and I look forward to reading Provincia's Daughter.

  2. Marina says:

    If you like this type of book, and who doesn't?!, then can I suggest you look for Persephone Books from and search by publisher, then just read the ratings and choose! – or visit the Persephone web site. There are some fabulous vintage books published by this company all beautifully reproduced and illustrated, including:
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    Plus many others too many to mention.

  3. Gena says:

    Yep! got this one too! how spookily alike our bookcases must be! better still I got mine for around a pound at that cheapie book shop "the works"

  4. Mari-Nanci says:

    Oh thank you for the delicious sounding book suggestion.

  5. anon. says:

    The Provincial Lady books are some of my favorite. I had no idea her daughter had Taken Up The Torch. Delightful blog, I'm glad I found you.

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