Puttery Pretties I Bought Last Week…

By Alison June 5, 2010 10 Comments 3 Min Read

Every girls needs a few sweet nothings occasionally doesn’t she?
When pennies are short and all hope of loveliness lost, it really rather helps to treat yourself to a tiny collection of odd little pretties, bought for a song and carried home to bring a little bliss to the utterly mundane.
These then are the pretties I acquired this week: little bits of cheap nothing that have brightened up my day as I have navigated the chaotic waters of another half-term holiday.  Salve for an an over-excited Mummies soul for the princely sum of just £17.00 all in all…
In the first photograph, two mint condition Julia Clements Floral Arrangement Irish linen tea-towels complete with pot-pourri recipes and discovered buried under a pile of granny blankets in the most darling antique shop in the world, in Churchtown…
Rosehip Notepad
Next a teeny tiny Rosehip notepad because I’m having a bit of a folksy moment and couldn’t resist the pattern…
Cupcake Cases
Some Polka-Dotty cupcake cases in which to bake the prettiest of Brocante Fairy cakes, from the Harvey Nicholls Food Store at the Trafford Centre…
Belle and Boo
A Belle and Boo postcard from Paperchase because she was too beautiful to leave in the shop.
Lavender Candies
Apothecary Garden Lavender Candies because they last a lifetime and provide five minutes of fragrant culinary bliss when all around have apparently lost their marbles.
Wuthering Heights
The Penguin Popular Classics edition of Wuthering Heights because it is the Playground Mummies Book-club choice of the month and I am rather taken with the idea of collecting a little stack of ribbon-tied lime green classics…
Book Plates
And finally, a little set of  book-plates for Finley, as I chose this week to take my own puttery advice and buy him a book journal and a scrumptious little set of book-plates so I can reinforce the message that reading is a gift and books as precious as his damn Nintendo D.S…
Happy Saturday Darlings…


  1. Valerie says:

    Very pretty. I especially like the folksy notebook and polka dot cupcake papers.

  2. Grace says:

    Those are amazing pretties! The tea towels are just lovely, and I love the folk pattern on the notebook. You've inspired me to buy myself something small and pretty today.
    My recent post 100 Days to a Happy Housewife 34: Sick of it

  3. Alison says:

    Oh such wonderful pretties!
    I love those tea towels, lovely. Oh & I have that Belle & Boo postcard too! I just love it, isn't it just adorable?
    Have a lovely weekend (?) *Tee hee*

  4. Debbi says:

    Such perfect Brocante-esc cupcake cases, too! {We call them cupcake cups.} I surely would have bought those if I had seen them!
    I do hope you can enjoy Wuthering Heights! You are a brave woman, and you know what you're in for . . . Try as I might, I cannot get through the first chapter! I have an excellent imagination . . . I think you probably know what I mean . . . I've been hearing all about the Penguin Popular Classics . . . they are lovely, aren't they!?
    And finally, I love your decision to buy bookplates for Finley! Being an old fashioned kind of a girl, myself {naturally, or how would I have found you!} I made certain that my children had bookplates for their library as well, but I never imagined your reasoning . . . and I do so love it! My youngest, who is away in graduate school, still adds bookplates to the list when I ask him for the annual birthday gift suggestions. I love to have instilled a love for such things in such a thoroughly modern young man.
    Your's was just the type of excursion that would have lifted my spirits! My what a lovely time you must have had!

  5. Gena says:

    I am of the belief that you can never have enough tea towels! I love those! and you are right,when the pennies are tight there is nothing more rewarding than a spot of thrifting to lift the spirits! I am intrigued by the lavender candies,may give them a try.xx

  6. Katherine says:

    The little guy on the book plate looks like Finley to me! 🙂
    Love your pretties!

  7. megan says:

    Oh those tea towels are so pretty.
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  8. Janey says:

    Just were did you buy that notebook. I saw one ages ago and did not have time to buy and now I cant remeber were I saw it. Please tell. Thankyou x

    1. Brocante says:

      Hi Janey, I've emailed you, but just in case you don't get it, and for everybody else who wants to know, the Rosehip notepad was from Waterstones…

  9. Lynda says:

    Now, that's spooky: I decided that, if I were to buy books at all in the next few months, it would be those green Penguins and the Persephone books. I really fancy the idea of some sort of consistency of size and colour on the bookshelves for a change…!

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