Puttery Things I Bought In the Supermarket

By Alison June 21, 2010 5 Comments 4 Min Read

Last night I recieved the kind of text a puttery Vintage Housekeeper dreams of receiving on an otherwise mundane, but of course, terribly efficient, lets get ourselves ready for the week ahead, kind of Sunday evening…
“Do you fancy a trip to Mecca?” it said. And I, clearly in need of something resembling a life, whooped with joy and went to pop a pretty string carrier into my handbag, in preparation for the purchasing of many a thing I clearly don’t need.
You see, here in good old Blighty we are blessed with five major supermarket chains and in ideal world I would hop from one to the next on shopping day, filling my basket with all the lovelies each one individually supplies. But in reality, the supermarket I  tend to choose depends on my mood and circumstances on any given Friday, and trips to Mecca, otherwise known as  Waitrose around these parts are few and far between because it is just a little too far off the beaten track and so jammed with puttery temptation, that one usually needs to call upon the services of a savvy financial advisor to arrange a loan before venturing forth.
But on the back of an utterly scrumptious weekend with Rich, venture forth I did, with Kath at the helm of her blue little brum and me talking the legs off her at her side.
And Waitrose, dear Darling, peaceful, calm Waitrose did not disappoint. As I had already done my weeks shopping on Friday I was not harassed by thoughts of eggs and milk, but free instead to wander up and down the aisles, thinking puttery thoughts and planning a few extra-curriculum treats…

My Puttery loot?

Lavender Sugar. Because procurring local culinary lavender means driving into the hills up yonder here and as my darling green car remains broken I can’t hop over there quite as much as I would like, so for the sake of the best Lavender sprinkled ice-cream, fragrant strawberries and sugar topped loaf cakes, I have instead let someone else combine lavender buds with granulated sugar and eternally gratefully hereafter I intend to be. You of course, could make your own in an Amazon heartbeat

Fennel Toothpaste. Because one tires of Colgate,  Aquafresh gives a girl a numb tongue, and dear old Tom lives in Maine. Because one really should ring the smallest of changes occasionally and as she in charge of issuing Puttery dictates I felt it was only right I lived by at least one of the rules I saw fit to deliver into the boxes of my Puttery Posters last week. And very nice, fennel toothpaste is too. One shall so enjoy deciding whether it is a fennel or a mint kind of a day…

Gluten Free Iced Cakes. Oh I know. They are hardly worthy of the Magnolia Bakery are they? But you have no idea what a novelty it is to buy iced gluten free anything and though Finley doesn’t take kindly to cakes of any kind really, his Mummy gets so excited when she see’s something new in the shops that she buy’s it for him regardless, just because, oh joy! she can. All that and this week, Marks and Spencers have finally got around to stocking gluten free bread. Oh joy number two!

Pomegranate-Ade. As one does so often feel the urge to repeat: a change is as good as a rest, and while one does usually favour elderflower cordial or a glass of pink lemonade on a hot Summer’s day even I will admit to feeling a litle giddy about sparkling Pomegranate. It will just look so pretty in a long crystal tumbler topped with ice and decked with a straw. Because small things make all the difference to one’s day and this ruby red drink tastes great…

And finally Fingerallas, which are a little French cake with the consistency of a Madeleine. Though I have searched for a recipe online for you, I can’t find one, suffice to say that were I making them I would use a madeleine batter and that my friends would be that: slithers of spongy cake that sit beguilingly slim on the edge of a teacup and saucer and make quite the most darling base for a terribly chic chocolate trifle…
P.S: I also bought Toulouse sausages, amaretti chocolate, ginger and line washing up liquid, dishwasher salt and a copy of Tatler because occasionally I like to pretend I’m posh. But you didn’t need to know all that now did you?
Happy New Week Sweethearts!


  1. Grace says:

    I can't tell you how much I love this post. i dread grocery shopping–simply hate it–but a post like this makes me realize that it could be fun, if I chose to look at it that way. Thanks.
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  2. Alison says:

    Ooohh look at all those purty treats, delicious!

  3. Victoria says:

    My mum loves Waitrose and is always coming home with random treats… I avoid it as I'll always end up with a trolley full of fabulous goodies that'll never leave the cupboards…. buy oh I want a trip there now!!
    Victoria x
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  4. Thea says:

    Oh, I wish I had a Mecca near me! I am sure I would be breaking the household budget regularly on just such a lovely collection of puttery foodie delights. Fancy, just this morning I vented my spleen through an on-line survey for my local supermarket, as like Grace, I simply loathe grocery shopping. If they stocked lavender sugar, and ginger and lime washing up detergent, I think I would adore it.
    I can't wait for Week 2 of Trash It or Treasure It.
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  5. phyllis says:

    "like to pretend I'm posh" LOL 🙂 I'd have to take a plane two trains a helicopter and a bicycle built- fo-r two to get fresh lavender. And if I ate it I'd be a laughingstock. But the scent would surely be worth it.

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