Renewing My Vows…

By Alison May 18, 2005 No Comments 1 Min Read


On the first day of this year, I published a list of Personal Promises on this here blog…

Readers, I confess, I broke my promises as easily as I frequently break my diet.

In short I am rubbish. Resolutions were never my forte.

However, to my delight, today there is light at the end of the tunnel: while pretending I wasn’t really perusing the delights of the Daily Mail, it came to my attention that  a certain Dr Cliff Arnall says that today is the optimum date for fulfilling life-changing goals…

"The Cardiff University academic believes all factors are against us on January 1st after more than a week of self indulgence. But today everything is in place for positive thinking.

He calculated the best date using a complex formula of factors which influence willpower  such as motivation, opportunity, proximity of bank holidays and hours o daylight….

By May with more time for reflection and summer on the way, there is lots of positive energy around associated with growth and renewal…"

And so today, May the 18th, 2005, I am officially renewing my vows.

Care to join me? What are you promising yourself?

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