Rubbish Magazine.

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No I’m not being rude. That is what it is called.

While I am certain that to some it may feel that BrocanteHome swings from the sublime to the ridiculous, with my capacity for reading  everything from the sickly sweet to the somewhat ironic, I am awaiting with baited breath the first issue of Rubbish Magazine, set to launch this week to co-incide with London Fashion Week…

You see inside I am still the art student on the verge of a career in knitwear design (oh the irony of it!) and  celebrating  "the silly side of style" sounds glorious to me…

Say’s owner "Jenny Dyson"-

"There is a very straight dialogue when writing about style and
there often isn’t much room for humour," said Jenny. "Rubbish aims to
do it in a fun way without compromising on the look of the magazine."

first edition, sponsored by Miss Selfridge, features heavyweight names
such as broadcaster Peter Snow and Spectator columnist Mary Killen, but
also includes irreverent features such as a fashion shoot with clothes
chosen by blindfolded stylists and portraits of designers as vegetables.

"I want Rubbish to be clever and to make people laugh without it being at the expense of others," said Dyson."

A sneak preview inside the Sunday Times Style magazine features an interview with Bella Freud and her cleaner and looks set to make doing your houseweek yourself the surefire route to all that’s not wonderful, when you could be employing, a women who will be your cleaner, confidante, stylist and  P.A. instead…

Get me one please.

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