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By Alison June 10, 2005 3 Comments 2 Min Read


I have tried to resist, but frankly I missed MTV too much. I like watching babies being born on the Discovery channel. I want to learn about wine on the new wine channel, and there is a documentary about Sam Taylor Wood I want to watch on Artsworld on sunday… 

I hate myself for loving Tv as much as I do. I watch too much and I worry  it means I’ve got no life. It isn’t normal to know the inside of The Vic as well as you your own bedroom. It isn’t normal to lie in bed worrying about whether Shelley will ever work up the guts to leave Charlie. It’s kind of sad. I am kind of sad.

So today I have signed back up to Sky Tv. Mark and I can resume dancing in the living room. I can watch obscure German dramas like Heimat  (" A moving and complex story about the various meanings of ‘homeland’ ), teach myself  the joys of Umbrian cooking and watch house programmes till the cows come home. My life will be vastly improved. I will be "accomplished" in the most old fashioned sense of the word and astound Mark with my new found intellecualism…

Oh, and did I mention I will be able to watch Big Brother 24hrs a day?

I know admitting I adore Big Brother will probably ruin every illusion you have ever held about me, but such is life. I am human after all.

I need to know whether Roberto will survive another day without food.

At least I don’t buy Heat.


  1. Kerry says:

    Hey now … I for one think TV is much maligned … The world is an amazing place and television has opened up every little nook and cranny for us to see. I don't watch a huge amount of tele ~ I love Desperate Housewives; The Apprentice and occasionally I'll sit down to Antiques Roadshow. Dare I admit that I am managing to keep up with DOOL and B&B too? I'm tired of people apologising for their use of TV as entertainment and those who act all noble about the evils of television. Alison … go right ahead and enjoy your little addiction. Have fun!

  2. Suzie says:

    We have pay tv and I love it for all the home improvemant shows, and I can watch Martha and any number of great docos. I must admit though, I can't abide by "reality" tv. I have no interest in watching any of those shows at all. But I looove quiz shows! I like to prove my superior knowledge of utter trivia to all in my household LOL.

  3. A Personal slur Ms M says:

    I do believe Alison was directing that last comment at her little sister.
    I'm not ashamed. I do buy Heat. Call it an escape (no matter how bad things get at least Im not Victoria Beckham..)But I don't have satellite TV Alison, so let's call it 1-1…

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