Satin and Birch Decorative Soap

By Alison September 6, 2010 8 Comments 2 Min Read

Many moons ago the very thought of finding soap in my Christmas stocking used to give me horrors. Back then it seemed as though I had Aunties, maiden and otherwise, eager to press soap into my grubby little hands. Ladies who seemed to believe that I too would consider a twin pack of Brer Rabbit shaped violet scented  soap to be the ideal gift for a little girl with a head full of books and roller skates. Back then I grinned my fake thank you’s and went to stick pins in little Auntie shaped voodoo’s in outrage at their sheer thoughtlessness. Today I would do anything to have my little gang of old ladies Aunties back so I could poke their tissue wrapped paper parcels full of pretty scented soap, treasure their identifying scrawl and let myself be fed broken biscuits while I curled up in a ball and listened to them reminisce about all their wartime Liverpool yesterdays.
But those days, like those lovely Aunts are gone. There is rarely soap in my stocking now, nor a one pound coin sello-taped to my birthday card these days, and as I have taken lessons in gratitude and covering up my disappointment since then,  and hopefully developed a modicum of refined taste,  I would cherish a box full of carved soap or the Caramac Easter eggs my dear little Auntie Louie sent us every Easter of my childhood . You see now I’m no longer nine years old,I know that it is the thought that counts and though artistically carved soap is not quite the thing for the dirty little mitt’s of mud splattered children due to it’s propensity to stash said dirt in it’s pretty crevices thereafter, artisans like the gifted lady at Satin and Birch are making it utterly desirable for rather lily-fingered lovelies like the all grown-up version of me…
I mean really, did you ever see the gorgeous likes of these soapy tokens? Wouldn’t they look just darling resting on a pretty vintage saucer in the guest bathroom?  Are they or are they not destined to be the most scrumptious of Christmas gifts or the perfect way to ring the seasonal changes in the bathroom? Who wouldn’t want the most delicate of angel wings gracing their soap dish?
Oh how time change’s us…


  1. phyllis says:

    I'm thinking now of aunts and soap in which my special aunt had plenty of and probably still does in one colorful stack in an apothecary jar on the back of the toilet. I always lifted the lid and smelled of it hoping she would say, "do you want to pick out one and take it home?" but instead I dropped a very pricey antique vase in the bathroom and it shattered on the tile and my uncle (if he were here) would to this day shake his head in sadness and remind me what a SPECIAL piece it was before I distracted him by reminding him what one of my brothers or nephews had broken sending him into grief over another piece and getting the monkey off my back.
    Did you have time for that drawn out memory Alison???

    1. brocantehome says:

      Oh I always have time for lovely memories like that Phyllis!

  2. Katherine says:

    Me too, Alison, me too!!! And, the soaps and bath salts I was given, I never used! I was afraid to use them or something–they were too pretty… Now, I use all of my pretty stuff–china, crystal, and pretty soaps! 😉

  3. Shayne says:

    Those are beautiful soaps – such a pity they don't ship to the UK

    1. brocantehome says:

      Isn't it always the way Shayne??

      1. Shayne says:

        Life is cruel!

  4. Tracelaine says:

    Ohhh my stars, those soaps are spellbinding! I would have trouble deciding to acutally use them.

    1. brocantehome says:

      But then being the good Brocante housekeeper that I know you are you wouldn't dream of saving them for best now would you??
      P.S: the free letterheads on your site are divine!

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