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By Alison February 17, 2012 1 Comment 2 Min Read

These are the links that have made me smile recently ~ enjoy!
Life is Breathtakingly Beautiful…
One of the oodles of fabulously inspirational prints to be found at Society 6.
Danielle Steele on Writing and Rituals…
We can always learn something from those at the top of their trade can’t we?
Supermodel Raquel Zimmerman on Transcendental Meditation
Because her experience of Transcendental Meditation exactly mirrors mine…
Birdy Singing Skinny Love
A song I’ve been playing over and over again.
Liz Lamoureux On Making A Home
“This is the house I dream about when my mind is quiet enough for me to remember. This is the house I walk through in my mind. This is the house I want to step back into and memorize and live in again just for a moment…”
What You Need To Know About Napping
Because it’s any excuse around here…
You Might Be A Mommy Blogger If…
“Mommy might be watching and she might be judging and writing scathing posts about you. But fret not; she can’t put you in time out no matter how much she threatens to.”
Alicia Paulson’s House
I love Alicia Paulson more than I can possibly begin to explain here. No-one blogs in a more meaningful daily way than she does.
Dreaming and Scheming with Susannah Conway
Inspiration for making a Creative Dream Journal.
Mornings on Mykonos
Greek baked eggs that sound delicious…
Alice Pinned
Curiouser and curiouser… how wonderful is the Alice In Wonderland themed Pinterest board?
Happy Friday Housekeepers!

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  1. missamelieamour says:

    I should have known that we both love Alicia! x

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