Selina Lake Winter Living

By Alison September 16, 2015 No Comments 2 Min Read

I do believe Selina Lake is one of the most talented interior stylists working today: her style is always evolving while remaining so very true to her authentic aesthetic, which is why a new book from her is always such a treat…
This time she is bringing us a deliciously seasonal take on decorating with Winter Living: the kind of fairy-tale interior book you want to climb inside and live in for always.
While I love Summer, it is in the Winter that my own home really comes alive:  I adore twinkly candle light, piles of blankets and the scents of the season. In fact if I could, I would happily hibernate in my cosy little nest between October and March: happy under my patchwork quilt, reading under twinkly fairy-lights and treasuring every single blissful moment of it…
But in Selina’s world, Winter is about more than snuggling under cosy blankets, and while we find ourselves discovering magic and whimsy in all the rooms she creates, in Winter Living we are treated to truly heart-stopping rooms in which to sip egg nog and float about in a tiara and the fair aisle socks hiked up to our thighs…
It is so very lovely. And so if you are planning on treating yourself to only one interior book this season, then make it this one: no-one has ever managed to capture frosty frivolity in quite the same way before…
Get it on here and on Amazon.Co.Uk here
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