Shabby Chic Interiors

By Alison April 29, 2009 No Comments 1 Min Read

    Heavens! Apologies for two book posts on the room, but I happened across Rachel Ashwell’s new book and just had to share it…

    At a time when we’ve had to whisper goodbye to Shabby Chic, to the echo of a scrumptiously lyrical au revoir from Rachel Ashwell, it is rather blissful to know that we will soon be able to prowl (in the nicest sense of the word) around Rachel’s rooms, and root through her treasures and trinkets in Shabby Chic Interiors, set for publication in September and available for pre-order on Amazon now…
    In the meantime pop over to her blog and follow the writing journey glueing her heart back together: occasionally her words are raw with grief for the business we all adored, but already the pink blossom of tickly wonderful possibility can be read between the lines…
    And if that isn’t exciting I don’t know what is!

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