Shiny Sink Syndrome

By Alison February 2, 2008 No Comments 2 Min Read

Ok, so lets give our Flyladied sinks (I think all of us have had a Flylady spell at one time in our lives haven’t we??), the BrocanteHome treatment.
* Start by stripping everything off the sink, the draining board, the widow ledge and the area around the sink…
* Then pull on your rubber gloves and get ready to scrub!
* Boil the kettle and then pour the hot water around the sink and down the drain: Mix together baking soda, white vinegar and lemon juice and scrub with a steel wool pad (more eco friendly than other
scrubbing pads and twice as effective!) over the whole sink and draining board area.

* Then pour half a cup of salt and half a cup of baking soda down the sink: leave for a few moments, then let the hot tap run for a while.
* Now dry the sink and draining board, and pour a little bit of vegetable/olive/baby oil onto a rag and use it to polish your sink to a shine.
* Now take a look at what you removed from the area before you started cleaning: find new homes for everything unconnected to the kitchen sink. Do away with any itty bitty ornaments, throw away any
old cloths, worn out brushes or sticky bottled cleaning liquids: and rethink the area as one of beautifully simple utility.

* Decant washing up liquid into a glass bottle/olive oil bottle and add an olive oil pourer instead of a lid. Mix up some basic BrocanteHome surface cleaner and store in a clear plastic spray bottle.
* Find a tiny pressed glass lidded box or a pretty floral tin and pour in some baking soda to be used for stubborn stain emergencies like stained teacups…
* Choose a small pot and use
it to store your brushes (Dish brush, baby’s bottle brush and a hand sized scrubbing brush- preferably wooden), steel wool scrubbing pad
and a rolled up dishcloth or two.

* Display alongside a pretty china soap dish or two (plain cream/white china is most elegant): use one for hand soap, and another for your current scrubbing pad…
* Decant hand lotion into a small glass bottle. Pot your favorite scented kitchen herb on the window ledge, add a couple of lemons (great for deodorising your wooden cutting boards and brushes) to use in conjunction with your baking soda and a pretty little pile of well pressed teatowels…
* Hang a peg from ribbon on the drawer underneath your sink and choose you favorite tea-towel to display: then light a tiny candle on the window ledge and bless your shiny sink...

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