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By Alison March 8, 2016 3 Comments 4 Min Read

Welcome dear Housekeeper’s to a new series on BrocanteHome – Shopping Eclectic.
Once a month or so, I am going to sit down with my camera and take pictures of all the teeny little somethings that have made it in to my trolley, destined for my comfort drawer or else acquired because they provide a teeny bit of Brocante style joy in a world that can all too often seem so grey. 
So first up A Healthy Life from Jessica Sepel. You see I don’t know about you, but I feel so very, very muddled about all the well-meaning nutritional advice that is chucked our way all day every day. I want to shush the noise and be told this is what to do and this is how to do it. I want a plan. A really specific, gently persuasive plan and in A Healthy Life that is exactly what Jessica Sepel has created and I for one am happy to have someone who knows what she is talking about to help me establish a healthier relationship with food…
Next up a copy of Happinez magazine. Because the moment I sit down with this yogic, meditative ode to bliss I am transported to a sense of place in which I put extreme self-care at the forefront of my mind. Instead of worrying about whether the dog is trying to infiltrate the bin again, I feel calm. Hopeful. As if all things are possible. It really is a breath of fresh air in a world where magazines seem to become more anodyne by the day,
Then the copper cup  you see in the picture above. Oh copper cup I had such high hopes for you! When I saw it in the shop I seized it and ran straight to the counter because I had read that sipping water that has sat in a copper cup overnight, is terribly, terribly good for you. So I duly filled my shiny, tactile cup, popped it on my bedside table and went to sleep feeling terribly smug. And then I woke up and sipped it until it was gone and then went about my business. For a few days I repeated this entire performance and I got smugger and smugger until I developed a rash of bumps on the back of my tongue, and went about feeling muddled for a few days while simultaneously smug and lumpy and bumpy and a bit cross. And then I mentioned it to my dad and he said well what do you expect when the rest of your body comes out in a rash when it comes in to contact with metal? And that my friends was that. Now my pretty cup is destined for a life holding dried hydrangeas and I shall avoid faddy ideas for the rest of my days.
Comfort me tea
Now to my trolley treat of the month: Comfort Me Tea from The English Tea Shop. Now I am a woman who buys a lot of tea. And some of it is good. And some of it is bland. Some of it is yuck and some of it is so mild it is almost pointless. And then there is the kind of cuppa that really does have you uttering an ooooooh. And Comfort Me tea has got oodles of ooooh. And I want to drink it forever, but I bought it in Homesense, and a hunt around the interwebs has showed me that finding it easily, might just be a shot in the dark. And so m’dears I am thinking of these teabags as the ultimate in transient bliss. Not forever, but a little sip of heaven until I happen upon another box…
And finally on my trolley treat list for this month, a little bit of whimsy because every housekeeper worth her salt needs a decent feather duster and what would life be without a bird with a cheery little crown atop his tiny head? 
Happy shopping Housekeepers.x
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  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Alison,
    Would you mind sharing where you bought your feather duster from please?
    Lisa x

    1. Alison May says:

      Hi Lisa, it was from HomeSense, the interiors branch of TKmaxx? Almost everything I buy is from there at the moment!x

      1. Lisa says:

        Thanks Alison.
        We have a branch of that near me. It’s quite a new one and I haven’t been there as yet. Now I think I must!
        Lisa x

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