Sleepy Lotion

By Alison November 6, 2017 3 Min Read

Lush Sleepy Lotion

It is not often that I discover something I rather insist every tired lady on the planet hops out and treats herself to, but after buying in to all the online hype surrounding Lush Sleepy Lotion, and rushing out to try it for myself, I have decided I have happened upon the elixir of good sleep and would be neglecting in my duty to you, if I did not suggest you do the same.

Sleep has always been the most elusive of Mistresses for me, for a number of reasons too myriad to go in to (but oh so well-documented among these pages as over the years I have been so very prone to boring you with all the details of my sleep issues haven’t I??), and I do believe I have tried every lotion, potion, ritual and app around in an effort to knock myself out for more than an hour at a time, though nothing other than a lot of red wine has truly helped and a person cannot rely on the medicinal power of wine each and every evening without turning in to a real old trollop now can she?
So I stepped into Lush as a doubting Thomasina, and I walked out doused in Karma perfume (luuuurve) and carrying a little pot full of the promised land. And then I went back to my hotel room and doused myself in the stuff and conked out for almost the entire evening and woke up groggy and astonished and decided it must have been the hocus pocus of the lovely city of York (and 20000 steps walking around it) wot dunnit and went home and called an emergency early night, took my usual mix of magnesium and bedtime tea, then had Ste massage my back with Sleepy lotion and hey ho another good sleep took me away to a world so foreign and oh so blissfully devoid of the turbulent dreams that so often keep wake me up, that for the second night on the run I woke up bewildered and quite muddled about what to do with a body so utterly unused to proper sleep.
And so it has gone on. Each night I pop it on to my chest and arms, or force Ste to massage it in to my back and each night for the most part I sleep a thousand times better than I have done in many a year.
While I do believe that good sleep for those of us who can’t manage it with ease is something of a rolling jigsaw, and that it is quite possible that my preposterous mind will decide that enough is enough and chuck me back in to the land of waking nightmares in the wee small hours, for now sleepy lotion is working like nothing has worked before and I will take whatever blessings life cares to throw at me, how temporary they maybe.
So yes. Get thee to Lush now and help yourself to a pot of sleep. I’m not wild about the scent which I find rather sweet but what matters is that my mind has come to associate that smell with sleep and it works like a rather wonderful off button…

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