So Shoot Me.

By Alison January 7, 2006 4 Comments 2 Min Read


I have a scandalous confession to make: I really rather adore Ikea. Is that too awful? Do you think it makes me a bad person?

In a world where the kind of bed I had visualised for Finleys first, costs upward of £500.00, it is scrumptiously wonderful to find an extendable, perfectly formed, not overly designed copy for just £89.00 (including mattress) at this mecca to all that is Swedish, useful and occasionally strange. So we bought it.

Don’t get me wrong: I am not about to accessorise every wall with a Billy Bookcase or serve meatballs every night. I don’t want the rest of Ikea’s ugly and apparently ubiqtuous  childrens range, nor feel the urge to buy those funny little £2.00 orange lamps the world and it’s wife have apparently been seduced by. But I like it all the same.

I, like everyone  else who couldn’t afford Cath Kidston at the time, bought metres and metres of Ikea Rosali fabric, and I will confess to coveting an Alvine Bukett quilt set. The closet minamalist inside me like’s the simplicity of some of their furniture and occasionally I go a bit silly in the kitchenware aisle. But to my vintage self’s horror, I am seriously considering buying one of those very ugly computer desks, simply because I just can’t find a better solution to  the copius wires,  and plugs needed to accomodate a scanner, laptop, printer, digital camera etc, along with all the assorted paraphenalia required to run BrocanteHome– and I’ve got to say that such an urge has shaken me to the core…

So is the worm for turning? I  shouldn’t think so: the sheer inconvenience of having to build a flatpack anything makes me feel ill. Our poor Finley will probably still be in his cot when he is twelve…


  1. Maureen says:

    Just to make you feel better Alison, I have a Billy Bookcase !! Only because it was plain and white and had deep shelves and the only one I could afford at the time. By the way, flatpack is a very dirty word in our house…..lolol…..the few times we have had to assemble one it turned very ugly and nearly ended in a divorce !!!! Good Luck ! lolol

  2. Meredith says:

    In all fairness, that bed is precious. Who can blame you? Now I want one!

  3. Nancy says:

    Hum, there is no Ikea near me but my daughter has found one in Atlanta. Horrors! Actually, it is a good thing. She has found some wonderful, CHEAP bargains for her college condo. She sent me pics and it looks good, even to my "grandma" eye…me, the one who lives for pink roses, doilies, and old teapots! I am afraid my daughter and I are light years apart in taste. I like old ruffly girly-girl stuff and she, like my guy, lives for sleek and modern and funky. But we manage to get along….somehow.
    BTW, I love the bed too! Of course, I would have it filled with cabbage rose pillows and crocheted spreads!
    p.s. I am adding to the theme on my blog that I got from Peggy and simple sparrow…."where do you blog?"
    You should do that too, Alison….let us have a peek. 🙂

  4. Actually after looking forever I finally found a girly computer desk that I actually consider beautiful. It is a white one that goes by the name of Johan. I love the curves and with the right accessories is very girly.

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