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By Alison February 12, 2007 2 Comments 2 Min Read


Moi De Joue by Brigitte Bardot.

My Dad, (who can read me like a book), told me yesterday that he was finding me "suspiciously happy". In Daddy translation this means he "suspects I am up to something".

Now then Dear Readers, it comes to something when a girl can’t pin a smile on her face without been accused of being naughty at the same time doesn’t it? Naughty? Not me. I haven’t got a naughty bone in my body.

Well no more than Brigitte Bardot had in hers…

And so my song of the week is Moi Je Joue,  the exact translation of which goes something like this:

Me I play Me I play cheek against play I want to play cheek against you But you, do you want it PLAY? Of any heart I want to gain this heart in heart . You know my play Alors by heart defend youWithout cheating, I promise it to you I gained, so much worse it is well made. You are my toy A present, they will not be more you but you. And you will make  will teach you Anything for me Without me to make some, I will ensure you a hell of claws and hooks You will shout soon. Then deciding of your fate to avoid me some remorses I will love you yes stronger Oh stronger Oh yes yes yes, stronger Oh it…

So that makes sense doesn’t it?? I love it. It makes me want to dance around in a silly, frilly chiffon negligee and some fluffy heeled slippers. You see I fully intend  to ensure some unlucky soul a hell of claws and hooks, and we have already established that I shall be doing my best to avoid me some remorses in the future, so when I get around to it, I want to do it with all the slightly dubious allure of a sixties starlet…

And I guess, even if my Dads’ "Alison probe" is a  little off the mark this week  (Does the man not read BrocanteHome??), he’s probably right- there is no doubt that I can feel a bit of Brigitte  creeping under my skin….

Me I play.

Go listen at MySpace.


  1. Funny. Everywhere I go people ask "are you behaving???"
    As if!
    I love the french song…gonna leave it playing all day…

  2. flopsy says:

    je joue joue contre joue is
    I play cheek to cheek
    BB was really something then! And there is something charming in all that mischief!

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