Sunday Spirit

By Alison February 12, 2012 6 Comments 2 Min Read

Thank-you’s. As many of them as I am capable of offering. For little boys that talk too much and little boys who love football too much. For the geranium oil I have sprinkled into sesame oil so I could rub a medicinal dose of joy into my hands. For pear and ginger soup and home-made bread. For a bedroom freshly painted and pictures hung to remind me of who I used to be. For the man with paint on his hands and a hacking cough. But not of course for the hacking cough. For honey and lemon to sooth it. For this book and this one and this one. For Pinterest and my Mum. For a huge blue patchwork quilt and eyes that droop and remind me when it’s time to sleep. For the Apple Mac sitting on the spanking new, terribly modern, glossy white desk sitting in my bedroom. I know! Modern me!! For colour that hides the grey, Call the Midwife, Miranda Hart and weekly conversations that remind me that I’m Ok. For a darling silly little novella to read at bedtime, hearts stuffed fill of crushed lavender swinging from my headboard, lavender and musk burning in the living room and my signature scent. For yearning and aching and pining for something I might never have now. For a back stretched over a white exercise ball and hair falling into my eyes. For my little Jimmy. For Marilyn Monroe and Whitney Houston. For all those women whose flame burns too brightly for them to bear. For rhubarb and custard Haribo, a spotty milk jug, and a hug at then end of the day. For piping hot radiators and drafts blocked with ribbon wrapped blankets. For today, tomorrow and all my always


  1. I need this today! Thank you xx

  2. For Alison May and BrocanteHome x

  3. mizsilverside says:

    Today I am thankful that my problems are not really anything that I can not deal with. Struggles they may be, but I have a strong support base and a will of my own that does not rely on anything addictive to cope. I am grateful for my cosy and simple life, my dreams and goals, my ability to feel courage and strength in the difficulties I know I can overcome, eventually. For the love I give and receive, and for my ever growing quest to know my own mind.
    My recent post Home Comforts

  4. Brunette says:

    For healthy, pink-cheeked children and a baby that flipped around and is no longer in the breech position! Woohoo! :-p
    “You say grace before meals. All right. But I say grace before the concert and the opera, and grace before the play and pantomime, and grace before I open a book, and grace before sketching, painting, swimming, fencing, boxing, walking, playing, dancing and grace before I dip the pen in the ink.” — G. K. Chesterton
    I thought you'd particularly appreciate that last one, Allison. 🙂

    1. BrocanteHome says:

      Oooh how I know the feeling of waiting for a baby to flip… but unfortunately he was as stubborn then as is now and stayed firmly put… but a lovely thing to be grateful for indeed…
      And that quote is WONDERFUL!x
      My recent post Sunday Spirit

  5. VC Cunningham says:

    Alison, Thank you for all your wonderful guidance in The Art of Homemaking. I pre-ordered your publication and on January 10th, I received Part One including the 30 days outline. On February 9th, I received Part Three that outlines Week Two beginning with Day Eight. Can you please send me Part Two – the detailed information on Week One and any remianing installments? I thank you for your kind attention to this matter and am truly looking forward to employing The Art of Homemaking in my daily routine. With great appreciation, VC Cunningham

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