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By Alison November 21, 2023 4 Comments 3 Min Read

Now then if you have ever wondered why I haven’t become a TikToker yet, it is because I can barely string a sentence together without tripping over my words, having calamities and making myself giggle. But there are simply occasions when nothing else but me talking over a video will do, and today is one of those days, because I wanted to give you a mini tour of The Library, and that means you get to hear me saying erm a lot as I hurry my way through our lovely community before the five minute video limit is up.

Oh yes. I’m an ermer. In fact I’m such an ermer that a few weeks ago I found myself in the company of a somebody who liked to leave voice notes on my phone, and being a people pleaser extraordinaire I felt obliged to return the favour and all was going swimmingly until I decided to listen to one of my own back, and heavens to Betsy I was horrified, absolutely HORRIFIED to note that SOMETHING was interrupting my giddy stories with the weirdest noises. Something like maybe a ghost trying to say hello from the other side, or some sort of indiscernible electrical interference, something, anything, other than what it surely wasn’t: ME! Making weird noises. Pausing between my daft tales to catch my breath and gather my thoughts and in the process making the kind of sounds that sound barely human.

So I did what any sane person would do and drew attention to said noises. I said “heck can you hear those weird noises? What on earth could it be?” And he hummed and ha-red and eventually muttered, “ummm you?” and I said WHAT, SPEAK UP MAN! and he said “IT IS YOU. YOU MAKE WEIRD NOISES!”

Shame on him. Shame. On. Him. But there you have it regardless. I am Alison and I make weird noises.

So I took it in to my head to never leave a voice note again, and then I discovered that I can click a little microphone in the Library app and leave YOU voice messages (and you can leave ME messages!), but the ermming keeps happening so I delete them and laugh at my own ludicrosity and frankly all this is to say that I made a couple of videos of what is inside The Library, and they are so far from slick that you will probably have to resist taking me as seriously as I clearly don’t take myself as I mumble my way through while the internet gets stuck and I giggle and give up and mutter and honestly, I’m sorry. I just wasn’t cut out for all that it takes to be professional but I so very much wanted to show you how downright lovely The Library is regardless.

Do come over to the community won’t you?

Verbally I’m a disaster, but I have created a space that is truly lovely and we are all terribly happy there and would love you to join us.

Love Alison.x


  1. Kelly Gabriel says:

    Oh my goodness! I adore you Dear Friend!!
    Your voice is absolutely beautiful!! I LOVE your accent!! 🌸🦋🌸

  2. Jenn S says:

    Thank you for the video tour. Very helpful. Your accent is lovely.

  3. Vivien Mitchell says:

    You don’t actually need to speak to become a TikToker. You could post a picture or an image of a post, book cover etc just as you do on Facebook or Instagram and play some music over it.

    Since TikTok is so visual, I think it would be the perfect medium to display your impeccable taste in imagery.

    1. Alison says:

      Oooh thank you so much Vivien: I will have a look into this in the New Year. Im so terrible with social media!x

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