Tattooed Cowboy.

By Alison January 17, 2007 2 Comments 1 Min Read


"I like to take the things people don’t see as beautiful and somehow make them beautiful."

Blogs are just about the closest thing we get online to a conversation with those we have yet to meet, so I’m just plain old thrilled to tell you that Chris Brown of Urban Prairie has gone and got himself a blog. Let’s face it there is stuff we need to know about this enigma of a man…

Oh and Chris? Though it makes me blush to say so, you are right: I am a true fan.

P.S: Go check out his style tips too, then get out and start hunting down those glass bottle tops and vintage canteens…


  1. Sarah says:

    What is it about a man with tattoo's? he does have a great blog!

  2. Nancy says:

    I have such a crush on that man…..
    Maybe it is because I was born in Texas and have an early attraction to bad-boy-earthy-types?
    (I think he would love my red boots….:-) You have to read my last post to get it.)

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