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By Alison March 17, 2005 No Comments 3 Min Read


O.K, this is going to be as long and as teary as Gywneth Paltrows Oscar Speech, so bear with me… finally went live yesterday and there are a few people I need to thank for making it possible…

To Mum and Dad- for getting Finley out of my hair when I was feeling demented on Monday, for the flowers yesterday, and mostly for making me believe that I can do anything I put my mind to. I can’t tell you how wonderful you are. 

To Megan at Divine Reality for designing The HouseKeepers Gazette. You have been ludicrously patient and I am truly thrilled with the design, so Thank you! 

To Mama Wiskas: The Queen of all things Vintage. Thank you for introducing me to your Vintage Princesses, for designing those wonderful little banners and for holding my hand when the going got tough. You tried to warn me it was a massive undertaking and you were right.  May the fun never end.

To my Vintage Mommies: How lovely are you?  I am honoured to be associated with such gorgeous girlies. Your passion and energy is a joy. Thank you.

To Gayla: you have been with me since day one and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support. You are a very special lady.

To Clare. Thank you, Darling for my tiny little vintage giftie.  You are wonderful and I am such a rubbish friend. But you know I love you. See you on Tuesday night.

To Helen, my little sister,  Thank you babba for doing as you are told, testing things out for me and being so utterly glamorous, I love you and would certainly now consider choosing you as a friend.

To Mark. Of course, to Mark. It’s a wonder you haven’t left me! Thank goodness for that notepad in the bathroom eh? Its good to keep the lines of communication open!!! I love you to pieces and yes, I would love another cup of tea.

To Julie and to my Barbie for remembering.

To Andrew for the banner and to Debbie just because she’s such a fabulous friend- Congratulations you two! 

And finally to my Vintage Fairy-  You know who you are! You made me cry this morning and even if my dream never comes true, I will treasure that little gift forever. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Making friends like this is incredible.

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