The 100 Day Countdown to Christmas

By Alison September 9, 2015 1 Comment 2 Min Read

100 Day Countdown to Christmas

Christmas is either heaven or hell. Heaven if you are organised, hell if you are not. and this year Housekeepers we are going to be oh so very, very organised -arent we?
Bring on then my 100 Day Christmas  Countdown – a daily email  program designed to have you sprinkling a teeny bit of festive glitter over your life everyday between Monday 14th September and Christmas Eve, so that bauble by bauble you can create the kind of Christmas I am sure you have been pinning to your festive Pinterest board for many a moon now.
This is the year we are going to make it happen. It won’t be overwhelming and it will be realistic: but it will also help you add a little touch of whimsy to what can so very often seem like one more giant task us housekeepers have to undertake and hopefully in the process encourage you to seek a little magic probably long stashed away in the darker reaches of the loft…
Each day I am going to be sending you one tiny little task: it might be puttery or practical, whimsical or even a teeny little bit wild: but each and every task will edge you a little closer to festive nirvana and by the end of the 100 days you should be able to pop your stockinged feet up in front of the fire and sip egg-nog to your hearts delight…


OK here’s the deal… The 100 Christmas Day Countdown is completely FREE to Floral and Rose members of the Vintage Housekeepers Circle (the sign up box is available on the Floral blog right now!) and just $5.00 to everyone else…
So if you want to get organised this year, either sign up to the Vintage Housekeepers Circle (and organise your ENTIRE life in the process!) or click the button below to buy it now and look for the first email in your inbox on Monday, September 14th…
(Please note that when you have completed the paypal order you will be taken to a sign up page where you should add your preferred email address)
Let’s make this the most frivolously organised Christmas we have ever, ever had!

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  1. dawn gilmore says:

    This sounds like fun!

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