The Autumn House

By Alison September 14, 2021 No Comments 3 Min Read

Hello me Darlings, welcome to Autumn at BrocanteHome!

Today I bring you a newly revised and refreshed Life-Book edition of my cosy guide to all things Autumnal –  a workbook version of my tiny little Kindle book so you can make notes and scribble in it to your hearts content.

With atmospheric essays, puttery treats, homemaking recipes, a book list, journal prompts and worksheets for the season ahead, The Autumn House is the first of new rituals – choosing one evening this week to sit down and truly plan the season ahead so you don’t find yourself just drifting through it, without really blessing it with all those things that could make it feel just that teeny bit cosier…

My HomeSchool members will discover it here (In the Autumn section of Months and Seasons):

And those you who aren’t members can buy it in my new Etsy store below for $7.00 (£6.35): 


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