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By Alison October 9, 2023 No Comments 1 Min Read

Here I am, continuing on my merry way, stuffing my *NEW* Life Book full of joy, and popping things here, there and everywhere into my Etsy shop, because frankly nothing makes this fuzzy haired woman happier.

And so today, should you find your self in The Library, or even prowling around the world full of temptation that is Etsy, you will discover a scrumptiously refreshed edition of my frankly fabulous Happy Hour guide to creating a morning routine that supports body and soul without an Espresso Martini in sight (sorry, its not that kind of Happy Hour!)

So yes. If the madness of Autumnal mornings feels like it might just be your undoing, then steal away to a quiet place, download my lovely guide and work your way towards a routine that makes YOU feel like you could take the who world in your hands, and juggle it.

Find The Happy Hour in The Library here if you are a member, or on Etsy today for immediate download.

(PS. Etsy is offering £10.00 of all purchases off £40.00 till Wednesday so today might be the perfect day to see what is lurking in your cart…)

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