The Childrens's Room Spritz

By Alison June 2, 2016 2 Min Read

Using aromatherapy oils in the home doesn’t have to be a complicated, airy-fairy matter. It can (and dare I say, should!) be a daily part of your housekeeping, the fragrances familiar to young and old alike.
Though not all essences are safe for use in children’s rooms, many are both safe and extremely beneficial in fighting both pathogens and obnoxious odors, while providing mood-changing properties and creating scent memories for our children in their own bedrooms.
However we don’t need to buy many of these tiny vials of wonder to be be able to bring all the benefits of aromatherapy to our children’s rooms and we can quite easily get away with just three: Lavender, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oil – the three mainstays of any housekeepers aromatherapy haul and perhaps the three most endlessly useful of all the essences in aromatherapy.
Keeping the three oils in your child’s own dedicated first aid cabinet should be the first step in your children’s room (They do have one don’t they? If not add it to your Mission Lists!). Lavender for it’s calming and soothing properties, eucalyptus to clear stuffy noses (by sprinkling a drop onto a cuddly or pyjamas), and tea tree for nits and wiping down surfaces at time of infection.
Next up, you should add a bottle of sweet almond oil – the very gentlest of the carrier oils and perfect for using with a drop or two of lavender oil for a sleep inducing foot massage for babies, toddlers and children. And finally a small bottle of surgical spirit which I use for mixing the Children’s Room Spritz I am about to describe.
You see harnessing the properties of all three of the aforementioned essences, is terribly easy if once a week you mix up a bottle of my Children’s Room Spritz: three parts distilled water to one part surgical spirit, and ten drops each of lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus in a pump-action bottle, and then use it in the air liberally in each child’s room daily. The oils will then get to work fighting airbourne pathogens and odours and the coughs and colds will be reduced or at least their symptoms diminished…
Ah the sweet smell of Mummyhood…

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