The Christmas Library

By Alison November 12, 2009 No Comments 3 Min Read
    Christmas Books For All the Family

Family Christmas Treasures: A…, $23 It’s a Wonderful Christmas:…, $12  Christmas.Stories.., $10 The Christmas Almanac…, $9.57
Christmas Bedtime Stories, $7.95 Christmas Stories, A Laura Ingalls Chapter Book… $4.99

    You know Christmas decoration doesn’t have to begin and end with scattering of tinsel or the glow of fairy lights. One of my favorite rituals is gathering all my Christmas themed books and creating a seasonal basket or bookshelf full of favorites old and new, to be dipped into on a whim, whether I am searching for inspiration, researching a recipe or simply looking for a cosy, festive bedtime story to read to Finn.
Christmas Craft Books
Trimmings: The Art of Holiday…, $25 Christmas Happy &  Bright…, $20 Country Living, Merry & Bright;…, $18  Home-Made.Christmas… $14 Christmas Crafting With Kids:…, $14 Christmas Ideas… $10.19
Wander around the house and dig about on everybodies bookshelves and you are sure to find a festive book or six. Then each year, make a commitment to buying one or two new Christmas themed books for your shelf, ask for truly special ones as gifts. seek out the ones you read as a child and for the rest of the year keep an eye out for the quirkiest of vintage books on your treasure hunting rounds. (I am rather partial to Christmas books from the early eighties, resplendant with over the top tartan and clove studded oranges!).
Finally spend an hour or two creating and printing out vintage themed family Christmas bookplates, put on a Christmassy film and have a fine old puttery time creating your very own festive library.
Tell me now which is your bestest, favouritist Christmas book?  Which one do you return to year after year, or read to the kids on Christmas Eve? Share your most darling festive books and we might all just find  undiscovered treasure…

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