The Christmas Sale 2023!

By Alison December 10, 2023 No Comments 3 Min Read

Oh my word, Christmas is almost upon us and I have been that busy stuffing my lovely community with useful joy and goodness that I quite forgot to pop my annual Christmas sale up!

This year, though, I am keeping things super simple, because I want us all to have a gentle Christmas and I truly don’t want to add tot he noise and constant bombardment that has become the interwebs at this time of year, because I want my vast and lovely content to speak for itself now it has found it s forever home in our lovely community….

I have spent the whole of 2023 refining my vision for BrocanteHome, as we dance a little polka on the brink of its twentieth birthday year and after a whole lot of shenanigans, all my courses and printables are tucked neatly and accessibly into one happy space with inspiration for cohesive heart, home, body and soul neatly packed into a community that has it all: from a weightloss course that will WORK for the rest of your always, to courses for everything from managing clutter, editing your life, and mapping out a clear timetable for your days, to instructions for spiritual housekeeping, recipe books, coloring books, seasonal planners and SO much more: all yours for the taking when you become a member.

So my offer this Christmas is simple : you can try your first year at BrocanteHome for HALF-PRICE at just $99.00, OR get 50% off all my Printables on Etsy if you want to get a taste for my content before you go all in and get EVERTHING!


You can get my LIEFTIME SUBSCRIPTION, before the end of 2023 for just $299.00 and as over 500 Brocante Lifetime members will confirm it is a gift to themselves they will NEVER regret.

Your Choices:

1 Join my FREE community and have a little look around to join the conversation and see just how much content you will get access to should you decide to upgrade your membership.

2. Pop over to my Etsy shop and discover absolutely EVERYHING has been already discounted for you by a lovely 50% off…

3, Decide to become a member and get your annual subscription for half-price for just $99.00 (And the BEST PART? You will keep that $99.00 a year price for as many years as you stay a member and will NEVER pay a penny more!)

4. OR Treat YOURSELf (or beg Father Christmas!) for a Lifetime Subscription to BrocanteHome , get $100.00 off the usual price and never pay again for access to all existing LIBRARY content and ALL Library content I create in the future!

I promise you there is a new life waiting for you behind the curtain at Brocante: a more organised, more authentic Renaissance of heart, home, body and soul that might just make 2024 your best year yet!

I can’t wait to meet you in the community.x

PS: Got a social media platform or blog? Earn 50% for every new member that becomes a member of my LIBRARY when you sign up to my affiliate program!

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