The Commonplace Book

By Alison March 17, 2016 2 Comments 1 Min Read

Tell me now, do you keep a Commonplace book? A place in which to store all the great quotes you come across as you read? One precious depository for words that tickle you, touch you or inspire you?
If you own a Kindle you will no doubt already be keeping a virtual Commonplace Book of sorts whenever you highlight a passage in a book you are reading or add a note to a paragraph or page, for dear old Amazon very kindly collates our notes and highlights in one easily accessible webpage and thus we need never lose even the most fleeting of ideas or wonderful of words.
And so allow me to introduce a new series here on BrocanteHome: The CommonPlace Book – a weekly quote, paragraph or idea taken from my very own Kindle notes and highlights, and designed to share with you both words that matter to me and the books I am reading…
Do look out for it next week won’t you and in the meantime go browse your very own Kindle Commonplace Book, or else pick the prettiest notebook you can find and start a little book to treasure….
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  1. Petrina Backhaus says:

    Hi can someone please get in contact with me? #1388

  2. Karla says:

    I had no idea Amazon did that with Kindle quotes! I’ve had a Kindle or Kindle app for ages and never knew this!

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