The Girls

By Alison March 25, 2019 No Comments 2 Min Read

I received the most gorgeous collection of birthday gifts from all my lovely people: from the Penhaligon Scent Library, to business books, (I do love a good business book!), this little book of cosy joy, a rather divine box of Rituals tea, flowers, crystals, a necklace, violet cremes (of course) and the loveliest, personalised box of 365 date night suggestions from Ste.

I was in short, thoroughly spoiled.

But the gift I wanted to share with you most, came from my sister: a picture book called The Girls, which is quite the most darling ode to female friendship, if ever there was one. Taking the notion that little girls grow on trees like apples, The Girls, celebrates four very different personalities as they stick together along the road from childhood to their very different lives as grown-women and the support they offer each other regardless.

It is both charming, simple and quite the perfect little gift for each of your own “girls”: those women who have always been by your side through thick and thin.

For I’m not sure we celebrate each other enough do we?

Thank-you then to my gorgeous sister for being one of my Girls for always. May there never come a day when we don’t mean the world to each other.

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