The Girls.

By Alison February 1, 2007 1 Comment 1 Min Read


A mosquito tipsy with blood, the children dozing
Prams are curdling on the patio
Here a high buzz of female conversation
Over cups of coffee, intelligent, worn young faces.

The house has a lot to answer for
But no-one asks it to account for itself
Instead they address themselves to the well of experience
A long, long throat before you hit the water
The penny will be falling for years.

The room is charged with danger. At the bottom
Of the well there lives a toad
Clammy and neglected who forces them to speak
Words bubble up, the toad is wounded.

They are thick with children
Look what we have fished out the water!
Each nurtures a genius at her breast
Who sucks her dry. It is beautiful
Sophisticated, dangerous, dull, charming.

George Szirtes.

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  1. If it isn't the milk, its the money…the sucking goes on…

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