The Happy Campers

By Alison March 28, 2007 8 Comments 1 Min Read


I wanna go camping. All the cool girls are doing it. Its cheap and cheerful and silly and more than anything I just love the idea of shredding all my home comforts and facing the scrumptious little decorating challenge that is a tent…mmm, paisley eiderdowns, lacy tablecloths flung over the tent opening to  shade your eyes, flowery bunting, dancing barefoot in the light of lanterns strung from tree to tree and oodles of cosy cushions…gingham picnic baskets, tin mugs, yummy mummies in short frilly skirts, naked babies, dirty knees, spotty wellys and cute babba’s in red indian  headdresses…

But the thought of things crawling on me  and eating out of tin-cans (There is the bestest recipe for make-do hummous in a can, in the book!) gives me the heebie jeebies. And thats before I’ve even considered the whole toilet and lets be at one with nature side of things…

Am I wimp? Oh without a doubt, and the really crazy thing is that Finn and I would  probably love it…

But if anyone can convince me, these girls  can.

So maybe I’ll go throw a pretty quilt over the washing line and have a practise, or order a Cath Kidston tent and ask Mum if I can pitch it in her back garden, so I can scream for my Daddy if I run into trouble or feel the urge for a proper cup of tea. In a Denby cup please.

Anyone wanna join me for camping scaredy cat style?

(Note to self: Grow some guts.)


  1. Of my thousands upon millions of childhood memories…camping is number 1 hands down! I've heard other people say it too. I don't remember a bug. Honestly. My kids in the backyard, hook up a long electrical cord and put a t.v. with gamecube in our tent…and I heard of some kids who had a refrigerator and a/c in theirs!
    Maybe you could buy a sweet vintage floral 'slop pot'. Hehe.

  2. Heather says:

    Can you imagine? LOL Great post.

  3. Gena says:

    A few months ago I bought a Cath kidston tent in the sale, I have promised Lucy that come summertime, we shall camp, vintage style in the back garden,we shall have bags of lettuce, heaps of tomatoes and lashings of ginger beer(a la famous five)a sturdy torch each and knitted blankets.However….it has recently come to my attention that we appear to have a small family of mice running amok out the back,anybody want a tent?

  4. Patsy says:

    Let us never forget that "camp" is a four letter word. So are "bugs" and "dirt," "heat" and "cold." "Snake" should be, but Mr. Webster messed up on that one.

  5. Amy says:

    oh I DO enjoy camping, only because we have a caravan and it's cosy and snug, take a chance and take your little one too 🙂

  6. Alexandra says:

    Love to camp — well not exactly "camp" in the traditional tent sense. Did too much of that as a child and as an adult like a more comfortable experience.
    we currently have a small travel trailer that is kept at a park overlooking one of the Great Lakes. By posting today, I hope that others might have great ideas or links to others who have succesfully transformed a small travel trailer into a homey cottagey refuge. At least that is what I am working towards!
    Camp is the best place to act like a kid again, hence a good way to spend time with one.

  7. Julie says:

    My absolute favorite memories from childhood all center around camping. My poor dad, tired after working all week, would find all of us,and the gear, waiting for him friday afternoon on the front lawn ready to go. Little did we know that we camped because we could not afford a "proper" vacation..we loved it! Do it, take the babba-he will thank you later

  8. Amy F. says:

    Oh! Little girl and I just returned from a camping trip replete with cooking over an open flame and staying in a cozy log cabin. It was a treat! I hope you enjoyed your foray into wild summer nights of tenting!

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