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By Alison June 24, 2010 4 Comments 5 Min Read

Dear me, I seem to be having one of those can’t get anything done days. Does it happen to you? Your brain flits all over the place and you manage to achieve exactly nothing and take a helluva time to achieve it? Yes Sir, that’s where I’m at so I have decided to funnel my general flittiness into something worthy and bless you with a trip on my merry go round…
* First up: the comments box. I know a lot of you aren’t able to comment on BrocanteHome at the moment and for that I cannot apologise enough. I had noticed a drop in comments but just presumed you were a little bored with silly old me and resolved to try to become more interesting. Then Darling Debbi reported a few of her comments missing and investigation revealed they were lounging in a secret spam box that has been swallowing your comments for months: I’ve never been great with this techie stuff have I? (But God loves a trier!) So between that and the fact that some of you can’t comment at all, I have decided that matters must be dealt with asap, and hopefully will find a solution to this mini blogging crisis in the very near future…

French Cupboard

* Next along, can I have a scrumptiously warm round of welcome applause for my very first independant advertiser on Brocante, The French Cupboard? I have been blogging at Brocante for six years and have never sought independant advertising before so I am absolutely thrilled that my very first advertiser should be someone  who has been both a reader here at BrocanteHome for as long as I can remember and an uber talented blogger herself . Look out for a profile of  both Polly and the oh so darling French Cupboard here in the next few days…
* Now then Puttery Posters, remember a few weeks ago when I popped this in your email box…?
“Darlings I saw something wonderful the other day and I just had to share.  A lady, whose name I don’t know, (and probably never will), had created small ribbon tied stacks of books and sat them amongst her upright books on a mile long length of bookshelves.
So much, so typically scrumptious. And yet there was a twist: each of her little stacks of books represented just one author: so when she felt like having a Jane Austen moment she just grabbed her Austen “parcel” climbed into bed and there she had it: every Austen she owned.

Don’t you just love that?
I mean after all, the possibilities are endless! How about a small stack of Persephone edition Dorothy Whipples tied up in the dove grey grosgrain? All your Sarah Ban Breathnach’s wrapped in an abundance of exuberant lime green ribbon? Not only does this gorgeous puttery treat mean that all your most precious books are tied up and honored like the gifts they are, it also makes sharing your favorite authors with friends who will appreciate them, an absolute breeze…”

Well, look, look, look! The lovely Sadie Olive has saved us the bother and is offering gorgeous little parcels of ribbon tied old books for sale in her Etsy shop, blessed as always with her impeccable taste… Oh for a life suffused in antique grey.
* Moving on to Newton Faulkner and the great welly debate: the two things related because next Friday I will be loading a tent, a child and a big man into the car to drive to Oxford to attend the Cornbury Music Festival (Poshstock!!) with my sister and eight year old nephew. As a virgin camper this whole business is causing much hilarity amongst those that know me well, with many a mean person trying to put me off with yukky festival loo stories and much talk of puddles and other undesirable horrors. But as I am neither Jordan nor the Queen and thus neither too high maintenance, nor too la-di-da  to camp for the pure pleasure of watching Newton Faulkner, Imelda May, The Noisettes, David Gray and The Feeling do their thing, then a-camping I plan to go. Probably in a pair of these scrumptious Cherry Red Brocante-esque dotty Cath Kidston Wellies, though the jury is still out on this, with Finley informing me that he will “die” if I buy them and Mum suggesting a nice pair of black Hunters to match my sisters…

I mean really! How could I resist? They are so me aren’t they??

* And finally, in other news, I am reading (and rather adoring)  Mr Rosenblum’s List (Or Mr Rosemblum Dreams in English, stateside), awaiting the delivery of Homemade Fun to get me through the holidays with Finley, channelling this quote from Neale Donald Walsch…
“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone…”
And watching nothing other than Big Brother because the Summer always has me coming over a little bit White Trash,   but hey ho, me and my false nails are going glamping, so what the heck hey??
Hope you are all well Darlings. Enjoy the rest of the day now, won’t you?
P.S: As always, all the image on the collage at the top of the Carousel are credited in my Pinboard.


  1. Debbi says:

    May I vote on the wellies?! yes, Yes, YES! Did you SEE how pretty they look with your border?
    We haven't camped {I mean the family in it's entirety}, since a very long vacation with our three, {one a toddler}, and a borrowed neighbor child. {Which means I haven't gone}. I have, however, asked my husband for a trip out to enjoy nature this Summer {assuming we have a Summer, and the snow in the mountains melts.} I'm dying for a little wind in the trees and birdsong. I'm betting Finley is gonna LOVE sleeping under the stars! What a wonderful weekend you have planned!
    And . . .one more thing I must add, this was oft repeated, still is . . . about my first child . . . "There is an imaginary line where my comfort zone ends. Zach stands on the other side of it."
    I hope you have the most wonderful time! Blow a kiss toward Oxford for me!
    My recent post Brocante Home

  2. Carlie says:

    Am so excited for you to go camping! I can't wait to hear how it goes. And a music festival is a truly lovely reason to go! Hope its dreamy.
    My recent post Dee in Detail

  3. laney says:

    run…do not walk …and buy those absolutely wonderful boots now…they match your blog …you must have them…and having had boys who are now men…they survive moms who are unique…in fact they love us…to bits…as you would say…

  4. Sasha says:

    Hi Alison,
    Love the wellies! But, if you want to maybe peruse an alternative before you commit, have you see the Joules wellies with the ribbon bow at the back????!!!! I'm rather liking those too, and they might keep Fin happier…………… not that that should stand in the way of life's small pleasures! It IS after all our job as a Mum to be as embarassing as we possibly can isn't it?!
    So envious of your glamping trip – have a WONDERFUL time!!!! I would love to do a music festival, any sort of festival in fact, with my hubby and daughter, and the vintage glammed up genuine VW camper van I lust after, but both declare they would rather saw off their own arm with a blunt knife……. *sigh*
    So I shall just have to live vicariously via your trip instead – which I have no doubt will be rich with joy and laughter! xx

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