The Jumble Bag

By Alison October 8, 2019 3 Comments 7 Min Read

Once upon a time it was commonplace around these parts to keep a bag at hand in which all those things destined for the church “jumble-sale” would be stored until the church roof fell in again and funds need to be raised from the delightful practice of filling the hall with pasting tables and setting up stalls for everything from clothes piled high, to children’s toys and my favourite as a child, the mysterious and fun, “White Elephant” stall, where I once treated myself to the most divine of Bakerlite aqua green beads I still own today. Though I knew not what I did, I had terribly good taste as a child…

This then is my homage to the jumble bag. A virtual stall full of all that I have been saving to share with you. Little snippets from around the internet. Pieces of frippery you might just find inspiring, words of wisdom that have struck a chord with me, little somethings my heart is longing for and more…

Fancy a root? Then I shall begin…

Artful Agenda

*First up the ever so delightful Artful Agenda: the perfect solution for those who aren’t remotely arty and thus won’t be bullet journaling anytime soon, but who find that maintaining an aesthetically dull Google Calendar really rather sucks the life out of them…

Complete with pretty covers, stickers, phone apps and lists, Artful agenda offers so very much in one pretty packages and means that you can combine the joy of the loveliest of paper agendas with the convenience of an online calendar. providing, I think, quite the perfect place to import the routines and rituals in my very own BrocanteCalendar into the most darling of daily, weekly and monthly domestic agendas and carry it with you wherever you go. There are even little hoover and cleaning stickers included meaning you truly can make it as Brocante as can be!

Use my referral code RA24670 to get 10% off your first payment and a FREE premium cover and sticker pack at ArtfulAgenda.Com

Little Women

*Released in cinemas on December 25th, I do believe this is going to make quite the most perfect little afternoon out with myself in the funny week between Christmas and New Year…


*This is the book on my read-me-next shelf that I am longing to devour after reading rave reviews almost everywhere. The story of a tragic affair between Bright Young Thing, Selina Lennox and penniless painter Lawrence Weston, the story is unpicked by Selina’s daughter in what is described as compelling and heartbreaking detail.

Just right I think for pouring myself a long glass of Seedlip and Elderflower and losing myself wholly in another place in time.

Get The Glittering Hour on Amazon.Com here or here…

For the people who find it difficult to leave

Straight from the typewriter of Anthea Yang, I share this here for all those who need to read it today. For all those who find it difficult to leave. We’ll find new places, we’ll find new homes. Promise.

Pommes Anna

While I have rather convinced myself that potatoes are a crime against my already buxom bottom, once or twice a year I yearn for the melty bliss of Pommes Anna, and this recipe from Sweet Paul is the best I’ve found, mostly because it stresses the importance of both clarifying your butter (or using ghee) and repeatedly compressing the potatoes during cooking. the secret don’t you know is all in the compression.

Enjoy by yourself with a glass of syrupy red wine and allow yourself to fall into a carby coma on a rainy Autumnal afternoon.

Three Good Things

I can’t recommend the simple vibes of all the Darling Apps, highly enough, but Three Good Things is my favourite as it takes all the obligation and stress out of maintaining my daily gratitude practice and makes it as calm and as pretty as can be, Incorporate it into your bedtime ritual as soon as can b and store a little happy in your phone.


* I loved Leonie Dawson’s fierce defence of anti-depressants at a time when they are receiving so very much flak in the media and I am personally witnessing the destruction their withdrawal can cause in those who need them. Ooh and if you love Leonie as much as I do, you will be pleased to hear her workbooks are back

*I went to see Joker and cannot begin to explain how it made me feel. Suffice to say Finn kept having to touch my arm to check I was alright as the tears were tripping me from the very first scene, Both brutal and mesmerising, its truth about how we manage mental health in today’s society are far more worthy of discussion than any hysteria about violence.

*I so enjoyed this conversation between Marie Forleo and Gabby Bernstein on reclaiming your joy.

*And finally go swoon at Swarm. among other wonderful things they turn found vintage art into bags and I will forever be in awe.

I do hope you have enjoyed my first Jumble bag. Have a lovely week won’t you?


  1. Lynn says:

    I am sure that this poem was written for me. I am 48 was married to my childhood sweetheart since i was 19. 5 years ago he had an affair with a girl younger than our daughter was at the time. It has taken me all of this time and i still cannot leave.

  2. I really enjoyed this post. I think I will arrange a mother/daughter date to see Little Women. Can’t wait!

  3. Julie says:

    Really enjoyed reading this wonderful jumble bag Alison. Thank you!

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