The Kitchen Revolution

By Alison November 12, 2008 1 Min Read


Wowzer, as my dad would say. Have you seen the Kitchen Revolution website, pray tell? Designed to accompany the rather wonderful book, it features weekly menu’s accompanying recipes, and print friendly weekly shopping lists designed to maximise variety in your diet and minimise expenditure and time spent in the kitchen…

Says the blurb…

"Tired of deciding what to cook? Want to maximise your meals, with
minimum time in the kitchen? The Kitchen Revolution is the life-saving
cookbook you’ve been waiting for – home cooking using fresh, seasonal
produce, with weekly planners, recipes and shopping lists that will
enable you to maximise the weekly shop for you and the family. It’s the
‘back to basics’ approach, minimising waste through thoughtful shopping
and a little preparation.

Each week features a Big Meal
from Scratch (a delicious, filling meal for the whole family);
Something for Nothing (two easy meals that use leftovers in a tasty and
inspiring way); a Seasonal Supper (a quick, simple supper made from
seasonal ingredients); Larder Feast (for when the fridge is bare, a
whole meal just from storecupboard ingredients) and a 2 for 1 meal (a
comforting meal that freezes well so that you can eat half immediately,
and store half in the freezer)"

Which to me just about adds up to the solution to all of my problems except the size of my mortgage.   

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