The Magpie and the Wardrobe – Sam Mckhenie

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Sam Mckhenie

…..has the knack of making the kind of pretty loveliness that has spawned a thousand copycats quite unable to capture the kind of je ne sais quoi only real artists possess…
The Magpie and the Wardrobe
Now at the risk of admitting to reading The Mail on Sunday and plummeting swiftly down in your estimations, today I am coming out loud and proud and declaring myself a long-time admirer of You magazine, precisely because it so very prominently continues to feature women like Sam who have combined a blissful aesthetic with excellence in business and in the process delight us all with sneak peaks in to their home…
magpie and the wardrobe 2
And oh what a home! As purveyor of  Magpie and the Wardrobe, Sam having wonderfully eccentric, twinkly taste was an absolute given and her love of  all that is worn and old shines through in every gorgeous pic in You magazine today…
the magpie and the wardrobe 3
I mean look! Velvet and dogs! Tapestries and portraits. I love. So very much. It looks to be exactly the kind of home where standing on ceremony is expressly not allowed and getting snuggled up with blankets and fringed cushions almost insisted upon. In short the kind of home us Brocanteers would not be able to resist truly living in.
magpie and the wardrobe 4
I mean parma violet walls and twigs strung from the ceilng for heavens sake? Go swoon for yourself over at You.
the magpie and the wardrobe book
Oooh and P.S: there’s a book too!!

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