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By Alison June 1, 2010 3 Comments 2 Min Read

Apologies for the rather slapdash service I’ve delivering around these parts this week but yet again half-term has rolled our way and very little is allowed to stand in the way of dancing up a storm, visiting Legoland and travelling up and down the coast (and scary fairgrounds) of the NorthWest in an effort to keeps one’s six year old entertained…
But I just had to drop by to let those of you who don’t already know, that Persephone Books have a rather scrumptious new addition to their website in the lovely form of a discussion forum. While not a forum in the traditional sense, the Persephone Forum is similar in layout to a traditional blog, with a post and a corresponding comments box, but where it differs from a blog is that each post will correspond to one of the darling books in the Persephone series (starting today, quite rightly methinks, at number one, William-An Englishman by Cicely Hamilton), and at the end of the post will seek active audience participation by posing a series of questions relating to the book discussed, and with so many wonderful authors on their list and eminently discussable books in their catalogue, it looks set to be lively, entertaining and as a variety of voices join the discussion, no doubt, educational.
While the Persephone Post and the truly lovely collection of  Persephone related ephamera and art it posts daily there, is already on my list of must-visits, The Persephone Forum promises inspiration and informative and intelligent discussion of a long list of books I continue to adore and I am delighted to be able to add the feed to my reader and eagerly anticipate following the conversation.
Now if only I weren’t too shy to join in the chatter. I am bursting with as yet unspoken opinion about The Homemaker


  1. Leslie Anne says:

    OH Honey, don't be too shy to join in the chatter! Your opinion is just as important as anyone else's! And you may have just the perspective that everyone else missed! Don't let the "what ifs" stifle your creative side. You've already got quite a following here who adore your perspective on a number of things!!! Leslie Anne

  2. Katherine says:

    I read The Homemaker, on your recommendation! 🙂 Thoroughly enjoyed it!

  3. The Hausfrau says:

    I'm excited about this–hoping to start reading along and participating with Book 2, "Mariana"!
    My recent post Bernkastel

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