The Santa Claus Story

By Alison December 11, 2008 1 Min Read

There are good people who have their doubts about the propriety of keeping Christmas with Santa Claus as the central figure. They argue that there is really no such person as Santa Claus, and that when we tell children that a mythical personage, with bells and reindeer and laden sleigh comes down the chimney and fills their stockings with gifts, we are teaching them to deceive, since Santa Claus is only a name for fathers and mothers and other kind friends. But let us be quite sure that we are not ourselves in the wrong if ever we have joined the great company of these conscientious objectors to Christmas keeping, with a tree, and a saint, and Kriss Kringle and all the pretty lore of the period.
” Imagination,” said Hans Andersen, ” is a leaf from the sky.” When we
cultivate the imagination we cultivate the faith faculty and help our children comprehend the invisible. Because of the poverty of human invention and of human language, there are a thousand great truths which men and women can only vaguely and feebly grasp, can never fully understand, for now we see through a glass darkly.
Margaret Sangster, The Art of HomeMaking

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