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By Alison January 27, 2010 No Comments 1 Min Read

Darlings the BrocanteHome Seasonal Scrub will commence on Sunday the 7th of February for all those interested in getting your house ship-shape for Spring!
I will be posting all manner of scrub related wot-nots here over the next three weeks and for those of you who have never done a Brocantehome Scrub, nor taken part in the Vintage Housekeepers Circle,  I have put together a fabulous new download detailing both a week and a month long top-to-bottom clean from previous seasons on the Circle…
What’s Included in the Download?
27 Pre-Scrub To-Do’s
Tiny little puttery treats you can do today!
Cleaning Arithmatic
28 easy-peasy recipes for home-made cleaning products.
Order of Works
A fabulous framework for cleaning the house the Brocante Way!
The Quick Fix
A scrub you can do in just seven days…
The Month Long Scrub
Detailed instructons for doing a truly thorough scrub over a period of four weeks (with time off at weekends!).
58 Post-Scrub Puttery Treats
Because a little celebration is always in order after a good old-fashioned scrub!
Good Habits
A final note on maintaining scrumptiously fresh order long after the Scrub is done and dusted…
Sounds fabulous mais oui? Just what you need to turn a chore into a celebration? Good, I’m so glad!
Order the download here for just  $5.00 and don’t forget to pop over as often as you can to BrocanteHome for more puttery treats and good old fashioned advice passed on from one housekeeper to another…

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