The Seasonal Scrub – November 2015

By Alison November 2, 2015 No Comments 2 Min Read

Seasonal Scrub

Sooooo excited I could crush a grape! For yes m’dears,  The Autumn 2015 Seasonal scrub is upon us and over on The Vintage Housekeepers Circle we are tying our work-a-day aprons on, and getting ready to spend the next seven days scrubbing the house from top to bottom.
I am in fact having to slightly extend my own scrub because I got in a muddle and thought Finley was back in school today but he actually doesn’t return until Wednesday and so I am indulging in scrubbing-lite until then and will carry on until next Wednesday, which is probably a good thing because for the first time in fifteen years of scrubbing I cannot turn the house completely upside down in case potential buyers take it in to their heads to come and view the house in the next few days and find themselves astonished by a house not so much staged but desecrated!
So in my house I will be conducting a slow, bird-by bird scrub: being careful not to turn it into scrubby chaos (which I usually rather enjoy because there is nothing more rewarding than putting it all back to lovely togetherness when all is spick and span!), and doing one room at a time instead of my usual task by task routine.
For this is the thing with the Scrub: if you use the plan included in either the book or the download and tick off each task it really doesn’t matter which order you do things in, or how long it takes you to get through them. Though I do believe it helps to allocate an end-point for the scrub or else you compromise the intensity of a really deep clean and lose the satisfying impact of a week or a month’s hard work. After which you can put everything I talked about in The Winter House into effect and really start to layer your deliciously clean slate in loveliness.
Okey-doke, are we ready? Members of the Housekeeper’s Circle it is time to head over to the forum and declare your intentions for the scrub. I will be checking in a few times a day with my own progress and together we can push each other to cinnamon scented bliss…
And those of you who aren’t members can still join in: simply pop over to Amazon and grab The Seasonal Scrub and find within it’s pages everything you need to know to conduct your own scrub the Brocante way… 

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