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By Alison April 21, 2022 1 Comment 4 Min Read

How does your house feel right now? Have you managed to squeeze in a Spring clean yet? Is it feeling as fresh as a daisy ready for all the lovely chaos of Summertime?

No? Mine neither. In fact after a looong Winter, and a muddle-up Spring, it feels dusty and tired and I’ve got so much to do, that this year I simply haven’t got round to my traditional Seasonal Scrub, and honestly, in-between sorting the garden out, seeing Finn through the last days of college and preparing him for university, alongside a busy online life here at BrocanteHome, I’m not sure I’m going to!

Hence the reason I am inviting you to join us inside BrocanteMe for our first communal challenge: the 90 Day Slow Scrub, a one day at a time plan for the WHOLE HOUSE, working our way through my lovely Spring Clean together, encouraging each other as we go through, and enjoying a whole host of lovely add-ons like home-made cleaning recipes, a truly scrumptious Smoothie recipe pack to ensure that you enjoy the zestiest and most nutritious of elevenses when you sit down to celebrate a job well done daily, and of course all the encouragement and hand-holding you need when you never want to see another duster in your life but still long to live in a house that feels joyful again!

Gently paced, and never overwhelming, the Slow Scrub takes the traditional energy and vigour needed to give the house a thorough top-to-bottoming and breaks it down into ninety, lovely, slow and puttery tasks so that over the course of three months you will scrub and polish every corner of the whole house and feel ready to do the happiest of sparkly dances when we are done!

Ready to tie your apron on and join us?

The Slow Scrub starts in the BrocanteMe community on Monday 25th April (though you will have access for as long as you want it) and the resources you need to get started are waiting for you right now, so you can spend the weekend prepping for your scrub with my tiny list of lovely puttery somethings to inspire you.

The cost for the Scrub is $25.00 for the whole three months or you can sign up as a member of BrocanteMe and get The Slow Scrub included in the wealth of other MEMBER-ONLY loveliness in our gorgeous new community, for just $10.00 per month.

But wait, I already own The Slow Scrub!

That’s ok – you can simply use the download as an accompaniment to the Challenge, as well as taking advantage of the benefits of accountability, my extensive Smoothie Recipe pack, my cleaning recipes and of course the cheers of our lovely community!

Ok, so either get Slow Scrub here for just $25.00 for the three months.


Become a BrocanteMe member and get all the benefits of membership AND The Slow Scrub Challenge.


Simply order The Slow Scrub download (included in the price of the Slow Scrub Challenge above) from my Etsy shop for just $8.00 and work through it as and when you want to.

It’s up to you, but one way or another lets throw ourselves into making the house feel like a fresher place to be, one day at a time this Spring.

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  1. Michelle says:

    The Slow Scrub has been a lifesaver for me! This year has really been full of ups and downs and I have still been able to get to all the little things for spring cleaning! Thank you so much for such a wonderful resource that I can come back to every year! I bought mine on Etsy and it is worth every penny!

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