The Tall Book of Christmas.

By Alison November 27, 2006 4 Comments 1 Min Read


Marking the passing of the years with an extra special  Christmas  book, bought annually and  inscribed with the date on a rather lovely bookplate, seems to me, to make a rather lovely Christmas tradition…

This year I have ordered "The Tall Book of Christmas", mostly because reader reviews on Amazon conjure up scrumptious images of cosy Christmas afternoons, babba on my knee and eggnog at my side, reading out loud the delightful tale of "Granny Glittens and her Amazing Mittens" and teaching Finley all manner of old fashioned songs…

The little girl inside me is alive, well and ready to dance the Christmas Polka…


  1. Claudette says:

    Incredible! I can't believe you featured this book. When I was at infants (the Jurassic era), this was the annual treat brought out by the headmaster. At the end of each day, he would read a story on the run up to Christmas. Legendary! Definately going to order it. There is something so wonderfully cosy and evocative about our childhood books. Anyone remember FATTYPUFFS AND THINIFERS? I bought that recently.

  2. missy says:

    How awesome!! I just ordered this book, on Sat., from I too couldn't help myself when I read all of the reviews. I'm 37 with two teenage DDs. I don't think my teenagers will enjoy it but I know I sure am!

  3. sherry says:

    Oh my goodness!!! Granny Glittens and Her Amazing Mittens was one of my FAVORITES growing up and I had DESPAIRED of ever finding it to read to my own children. I am off to Amazon straight away! Thank you so much for mentioning it!

  4. C. Mills says:

    This book is a classic, and incidentally worth a small fortune in original mint condition. Sadly, my copy is a poor survivor and held together by tape, cover missing, but I still maintain a beloved tradition of reading it every Christmas Eve. The illustrations have a real magic, like Pauline Baynes who illustrated the Narnia chronicles, perfectly evoking the stories with characters like Giant Grummer addicted to stinky cheese, and Granny Glittens who knits edible mittens. I think today’s kids will still be enchanted by this book, and the reprinted version ( 2006 ) will not break the bank. I better order it before my original copy falls apart completely!

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