The Twelve Deals of Christmas – Number Eleven!

By Alison October 19, 2015 4 Comments 1 Min Read

Twelve Deals

Welcome back to my happy little discount-making machine –  twelve deals, offers and general giftiness once or twice a week between now and Christmas…
Today I am offering a one-month trial of Floral Membership of The Vintage Housekeeper’s Circle for just $6.00. You simply sign up and you are in: the subscription will end thirty-one days after you join and will NEVER renew until you decide you would like to be a fully fledged member of our darling little community!

This is the ideal opportunity for the curious or the cautious.

A sneak peek inside our inner sanctum and oodles and oodles of inspiration on the Floral blog with no commitment required at all. Should you decide to stay at the end of your trial and enjoy The Christmas Countdown, The Shine workshop, the forum, the blog and of course get access to all my lovely downloads in the Rose library, you will simply choose your level of membership and you will be welcomed in to our fold…
Sound good? It is! It’s a lovely deal, and I would be downright delighted if those of you who have ditherd about joining took advantage of this offer and grabbed a little domestic inspiration…
Ready to start your free trial? Just click here and select One Month Trial from the list of available Membership options at the bottom of the page and you will be good to go…
I will look forward to seeing you inside the Circle.x


  1. carina says:

    Does the trial membership allow us to only the Floral blog or will we also be able to participate in the forum? I began a trial membership and was hoping to sample the forum as well as the blog, but it seems I cannot enter the forum.
    Thanks in advance for the help/clarification! xx

    1. Alison May says:

      Hi Carina, for security reasons the forum uses a separate login, so yes you are absolutely welcome to participate in the forum but you will need to set up an account with a forum username on the forum page.
      Hope this helps!x

      1. carina says:

        Thank you, Alison! At the risk of sounding completely technically challenged, how do I get onto the forum page in order to set up a forum account. When I click on the “polka forum” tab, it says one must register to access the forum and sends me to the page to purchase membership. What am I doing wrong?

        1. Alison May says:

          Well that’s a funny business isn’t it? I have made a little change and hopefully you should now be able to sign in now? Technology!

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