The Twelve Deals of Christmas

By Alison October 13, 2015 No Comments 1 Min Read

Hola Honeybuns, there are just 74 days to go until Santa throws himself down our Chimneys! And so to get us all in to the spirit of things, today I am launching The Twelve Deals of Christmas: twelve discounts, offers and general giftiness once or twice a week between now and the big day itself.
I’m kicking off with 75% off The Christmas Planner: so it will be yours for just $5.00 the minute you hop over to my store and press buy – a massive saving of $15.00 for the next seven days, after which it will shoot back up to $20.00 and planning your most organised Christmas EVER will cost that little bit more than it would if you bought it RIGHT NOW…
Click here to get my lovely Christmas Planner for just $5.00 today!   
P.S: Don’t forget that the Christmas Planner and ALL my other Planner s and Downloads are absolutely free when you become a ROSE member of my lovely Vintage Housekeeper’s Circle
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