Things I Am Grateful For Today…

By Alison January 13, 2005 No Comments 1 Min Read

British Vogue. Finley’s curly hair. My curly hair. Clarins Beauty Flash. Jude Law. Mum finally recovering from a nightmarish bout of flu. My dishwasher.  Cheese: I love it, I know I shouldn’t but I do.  John Galliano. Clean windows courtesy of the smiliest window cleaner in the area. Maroon 5.  Salt and vinegar crisps. Mark bathing the baby even though he’s on his last legs with the flu. Finley’s new dance. Being penniless, because it has finally freed me creatively. MSN Messenger, because I love chatting to my Dad, while we work. Alexandra Stoddard. Aloe Vera Persil washing Powder. The daffodils poking their heads through the soil in the tiny patch of mud I call a garden. The Beautiful South. Sex and the City repeats, Coronation Street and Most Haunted. The internet. MTV.  Trashy Liverpool wartime romances. An early night. Candles. Lots and lots of candles. This house. My Mark. My babba, and Kenny Rogers.

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