Things To Do On Summer Days.

By Alison July 31, 2007 6 Comments 3 Min Read


1. Fill a tub with sudsy water and let the kids wash dollies clothes the old fashioned way in the back garden.

2. Sleep with the curtains open so you wake with the sun rise.

3.  Take the kids scrapbook shopping and help them create  journals of their summer holidays.

4. Throw a laundry powder party: get your girlies together, fill a
table with natural cleaning product ingredients, essential oils, pretty
bottles, ribbon and labels and spend an afternoon mixing up some
homemade cleaning recipes in the summer sun.

5.  Have a breakfast barbeque…  bake brioche in tin foil,  and serve with  creme fraiche and  berry compote. Or do baked haddock, roasted bananas, or grilled mango with mint. Eat in pyjamas and sunglasses.

6.   Set yourself a book challenge… choose six books you want to read by the end of summer. List them on your blog and make a committment to your readers to review them.

7. Throw caution to the wind and hold an afternoon cocktail party.  Pretty hats obligatory.

8.  Buy a croquet set, and drink Pimms with cucumber on the lawn.

9.  Decide not to cook, bake or heat anything for three days… feast on salad,  smoothies, fruit  and raw vegetables and feel strangely wonderful for it…

10.  Record your entire Summer with a camera. Post a new summer photograph on Flickr everyday.

11. Sew vintage fabric cuffs onto the top of your wellies and go splashing in summer puddles. Goodness knows theres enough of them!

12. Coat your hair in a mix of coconut oil and cognac for a hydrating mask that is the very essence of Summer.

13. Put together a Summer soundtrack and let the songs remind you of Summer 2007 ever after.

14. Dig out your gorgeous collection of vintage headscarves and make wearing them Turban or Jackie O style your summer accessory of choice. Sooooo chic or sooooo Hilda Ogden.

15. Give yourself a pampering pedicure in the garden using rock salt, olive oil and a good old fashioned pumice stone.

16. Give the kids chalk and let them play hopscotch on the patio.

17.  Drag your mattress outside on a sunny day and let it breathe for a  few hours.

18. Put a big quilt on the grass, fill a bowl with hot soapy water and  scrub your vintage crystal till the sun throws rainbows across the garden.

19. Serve iced tea in french enamel coffee pots. Crush fresh mint into white sugar and serve with strawberries.

20. Let rose petals steep in boiling water, then mix with vodka and store in the fridge for a cooling astringent…

21. Pull the plug on the tv and insist kids play outdoors. Pipe music into the garden and play ring a ring a roses. Skip rope. Dance. Splash in the paddling pool. Be a child again…

Enjoy every minute of it!    

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  1. Susana says:

    Gracias! I love your suggestions Alison!

  2. OohLaLaura says:

    Oh, CRUD–
    I meant to post this comment HERE, not on the one below. (no offense to comment below)
    Sometimes I click on my 'Brocante' link with expectant joy in my heart. Today, however- your new post seemed oh-so-joyous that I am SAVING it until tomorrow morning.
    Tomorrow, when I shall need strength. And nothing will DO like a good dose of Alison style wit. And Moxie.
    You have MOXIE, mam!

  3. Mimi says:

    What an utterly scumptious post to find, early on a Wednesday morning! Great suggestions, thank you!

  4. Mindy says:

    Wonderful suggestions as always Alison!

  5. Try making your personal photos into your own wallpaper – just load up your digital photo onto and we can make your feature wall as big as you like with no pixellation ! Give it a try

  6. Priscilla says:

    I love looking around your blog site, your Puttery Ideas are fantastic! I printed them out last week and have spent each evening indulging in the lovely ideas. Thankyou so much for your inspiration…….
    Priscilla x

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