Trash It or Treasure It!

By Alison February 3, 2011 5 Comments 2 Min Read

So it is finally here! For everybody who wants to spend 2011 creating a life truly worth treasuring, my most successful subscription program is complete and available in a 25 part download to all!
I say successful because Trash and Treasure was fully subscribed and I received so much feedback worth celebrating from women who told me that my entirely original take on getting rid of your junk was slowly but surely changing their life! That by taking it as slowly as we did they were able to discover the underlying truths about the whyfores of their preposition to stashing nonsense and ultimatley come to terms with it enough to start binning the surplus…
So want to know what was included in the 25 week programme? In more than 250 pretty pages full of soothing words and fiesty inspiration?
* The Trashy Oath.
* An introduction to the giddy theory behind the program (!)
*  The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Housekeepers.
*  Putting you first.
* Starting at the beginning.
*  Getting organised on-line.
* Creating Housekeepers Central on-line.
*  Your domestic heroine.
* The four types of clutter.
* Getting to grips with Poverty Clutter.
* Understanding Hey-Dey Clutter.
*  Identifying Rainy Day Clutter.
*  Letting go of Heartbreak Clutter.
*  The four questions you need to answer.
* Habit, routine and ritual.
* Extreme self-care.
* The problem with perfection.
* The Trashy Mission Lists
* Function before form.
* Clearing the entrance into your home.
* Making space to really live.
* The heart of the home.
* The inner sanctum.
* Personal sanctuary.
* Dealing with other people’s chaos.
* Tackling the internal war!
* Getting shut of emotional baggage.
* And eight final thoughts and actions…
Read more about it here…
I truly do not believe you will have read anything like this before. Alongside each essay there are seven action points, a worksheet, and a writing or collage prompt so that you can document your journey towards a life worth treasuring as you work through the program.
Finally I have kept the original format of the program, so that you can download each week a section at a time, and go back through each stage as and when you need to, and should you be one of the first fifty to download the program, next week you will also get access to the fabulous Trashy Treats and Resource Guide that I am about to issue to my precious subscribers as a lovely little bonus…
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Buy it now for just $35.00. It’s worth it. I promise.


  1. Katherine says:

    It is TOTALLY worth it. Write a book? You already have–publish this baby! 😉

  2. dangermom says:

    I'll put it on my wish list, maybe for this summer. Am feeling so swamped and tired right now! (And cash-poor too.) Don't take that as self-pity, just a lick and a promise. 😉

  3. Jenny says:

    I loved "Trash It or Treasure It"! 🙂

  4. Helen says:

    Just wanted to recommend trashing and treasuring to anyone…a very positive tool for real and lasting changes for the better. I'm really going to miss it, but it's had a brilliant effect on the way my home is and how it works (and on me!).
    Now Allison…what's next?

    1. brocantehome says:

      A little something called "Muse" Helen… and in the meantime many thnk you's for recommending Trash It or Treasure It…x

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