Vanilla Blanc Water Closet Droplets

By Alison April 15, 2019 No Comments 2 Min Read

Very occasionally I come across a product I simply have to keep on recommending and today that product is Vanilla Blanc’s WaterCloset Droplets: a kind of non-toxic equivalent of the horrid, chemical fright that is Poo Pourri.

I have been using these droplets to do battle with the nightmare that is having one bathroom in a house full of over-sized, stinky male sorts and it works a treat: off-setting the kind of smells it frankly doesn’t seem possible for a human body to produce and replacing them with the not too sweet scent of essential oils dispensed with a rather luxurious glass dropper.

Now the thing is this: WaterCloset droplets are not cheap. But they are so worth it and a bottle lasts an absolute age. even when you own teenagers who have been instructed to use them every time they grace the bathroom, but who know the price of everything and the value of absolute nothing and no doubt sprinkle the drops as liberally as they would mustard on their burgers. And still the bottle goes on, dispensing oil and dispelling stinks and all round making the bathroom a nicer place to be.

So yes. Away with your matches and home-made freshners, phooey to scented candles and damn that Poo Pourri to hell and back. Vanilla Blanc WaterCloset Droplets are the answer to one of our domestic live’s most vile of problems and I simply cannot recommend them enough.

Please note I am not affiliated with Vanilla Blanc, nor have been compensated for this post: WaterCloset Droplets really are the bee’s knees.

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