Vintage Grace.

By Alison July 17, 2005 2 Comments 0 Min Read


  1. Helen May says:

    Oh I have tears in my eyes – this is absolutely wonderful. I have just laughed and cried within 5 minutes! Your flair for writing is incredible and you sound like one of life's most special people.
    Above all that – Alison, I'm a little concerned. The eccentricity of this delightful lady leads me to believe she's some sort of long lost sibling..??! The Officer Priest thing nearly made me fall off my chair laughing – could so easily have been one of our little stories…
    Hope to hear much more about you in the future, Vintage Grace.

  2. I am so honored to see Vintage Grace on this utterly amazing website. It is such a thrill – you have no idea!
    Since I found you, I have been peeking at your blogs everyday. I can't wait to see what bit of your life you are going to share – will I laugh, cry, smile or go into a contemplative mood?
    I also have a new soft spot that I carry around for Finley and I hold good thoughts that everything will turn out fine.
    Thank you for sharing your life. You inspire me to be a better writer (and to do it more often)! You're next challenge… what can you do about my housekeeping skills?!
    Hugs to Alison and Helen (and of course, Finley!)
    ~ Maureen
    On a side note: I have never heard of James Blunt, but after your description I am on a search for his CD. He sounds right up my alley.

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